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The origination of San Jose Cricket Group (SJCG) roots back to 1996 in the form of San Jose Cricket Club. Due to the increase in the number of cricket players in the bay area, there came the need to create another cricket club. A few diehard cricketers from different backgrounds got together to form San Jose Cricket Club. Among many others, the different members who have a big contribution in the formation of this club are: Abrar Ahmad, Ali Shah, Dr.Nisar Ahmad Chaudhry, Rajesh Padhi, Rubel Ahsan, Wasim Khan, Zahid Mahmood, Humayan Rehman and Jitu Patel. All these members worked very hard before the start of the season to obtain a ground from local school district, which was a huge accomplishment. Then they all worked very hard to put the cricket pitch (wicket) with their own hands.

The SJCG is growing from strength to strength due to the efforts of it's members. It reflects the character and vision of this group.

The group grew in size to have a fifth club this year. Click here for info on the current clubs.

As SJCG continues to grow, the need for more grounds arises. With unconditional and devoted effort of Dr. Nisar Chaudhry, SJCG was able to get permission to use 2 more school fields under Alum Rock School District. All the 3 clubs (SJCC, MCC, CCC) of SJCG performed very well in the 2001 league season with SJCC barely missing the championship mark by 2 points. A total of 12 teams participated in BACA league for seasn 2001. MCC ended the season placed 3rd and CCC ended up at 5th. As new members keep coming SJCG looks forward to expanding it's wings in the upcoming season.

This turned out to be an exciting and eventful year for SJCC. The number of players grew tremendously. It had to be split into 2 clubs to give every member a chance to play and enjoy cricket. But half way through the season, it forced us to form a third club. Each of the three clubs decided to remain under the same wing, which was named as San Jose Cricket Group (SJCG). The three clubs under SJCG's wing being San Jose Cricket Club (SJCC), Milpitas Cricket Club (MCC) and Campbell Cricket Club (CCC). All these clubs played in the BACA league and performed very well.

SJCC acquired a new ground for use thereby becoming the only club in bay area with 2 home grounds. It had a great season and during the later part of the season joined hands with a few other clubs from California bay area to float a new league (Bay Area Cricket Alliance) in year 2001. This was prompted mainly due to the huge increase in number of cricket clubs in bay area. With the help of other clubs, BACA was informally launched in July, 1999 when it held the July 4th cricket festival. SJCC is looking forward to the next season with BACA.

This season was the best so far in the history (3 yrs) of SJCC. The season started with a bang and ended in style. It truly looked like a TEAM on the field. In just the third year of it's formation, it ended the season at #4 in the C division league. But that didn't keep the team from winning the season ending tournament, "The Dan Sahadeo Cup". Kudos to the members of SJCC. The team is all set now to top the league in 1999 season and jump one step higher to enter the B division league in the next millennia.

This year was a great one for SJCC. The club started this season playing as a well integrated cricket team. Success of winning games (Social & League) started to come towards our half of the field. Team as well as individual performances were climbing up and up on the success ladder. The overall standing in the league was better than the first year. Membership of the club grew from 14 in 1996 to 25 by the end of 1997 season and more players wanted to join every day.

This was the first year of the formation of SJCC and therefore it doesn't have a long history of it's own. Even though the results of this season didn't go in our favor, we were a really promising team as we came close to winning many matches and fumbled at the last moment due to lack of coordination among all the players. Team work and understanding among different background players was at a rapid pace.

Promoting Cricket:
San Jose Cricket Club played a very important role in promoting the game of cricket in the San Jose area by co-hosting the 2nd National Inter League Cricket tournament with (NCCA) at SJCC home ground.
SJCC hosted a "What is cricket" Demonstration at Clyde Fischer School for the local youth.

All the success till date has been due to great cooperation and hard work of the following:

Principal and Vice Principal of Cesar Chavez Elementary School, OS Hubbard Elementary School, William Shepperd Middle School, Alum Rock School District Staff, and all the volunteers of SJCG who came out to give helping hand during all the above events at SJCG's home grounds.


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